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Peter Doyle Irish Takeover until 28 April

April 27, 2019

The Exhibitionist Hotel is delighted to welcome artist Peter Doyle as part of our Irish-led collaboration with Maser Atelier from Dublin.


'Artist of the moment' Peter Doyle debuted his show in Dublin at the newly opened Maser Atelier on 7 December and will now open in London to celebrate with us everything that is great and wonderful about Ireland.

Doyle’s work possesses a naive bravery, and works mostly with acrylic on canvas. Pastel tones and patterns set the backdrop for the majority of Doyle’s compositions. Overset with recurring motifs of women, horses and flowers, Doyle reinvents the still life with a charming intimacy. Having described his approach as ‘casual’, Doyle's work can be recognised by his immediate, definitive way of mark making.

The artist honed his skills painting graffiti rather than going to art school. This is evident in his work, his courageous and expressive style feels emancipated, and is a refreshing contrast from the standard art school graduate. Having displayed works in group shows in London, and his debut showing in Dublin’s Fumbally Exchange, the show promises to be a brilliant insight in to the progression of a young, prolific, Irish painter.

Kensington + Chelsea Art Weekend

June 26, 2019

The borough of Kensington and Chelsea has an artistic heritage that encompasses some of the best and brightest creative names. From South Kensington’s Museum Quarter to the bustle of King’s Road; from the urban bohemia of Notting Hill to the modern elegance of the Design Museum, a journey through Kensington and Chelsea is a journey through history.

We are delighted to be drawing on this cultural legacy with Kensington + Chelsea Art Weekend.


The second edition of the Art Weekend in the Summer 2019 will continue to celebrate the rich heritage of the borough by opening doors to local creative spaces along with leading organisations in the area to facilitate further public engagement in the local culture.

Olga Lomaka

May 20, 2019

Artist Olga Lomaka & The Exhibitionist Hotel invite you to the launch of her first print series 'Pink Magic'.

Date: 21st May 2019

Time: 6.30 -9.30pm


Location: The Exhibitionist Hotel, 8-10 Queensbury Place, London SW7 2EA

Pink Magic is highly charged with the energy and vitality of movement with colour. Block colours and the painterly gloss of pink are a hail to pop art and to the work of Allen Jones. Vibrant and immediate, these colours awaken the senses and the body. Through their use, Lomaka continuously draws the viewer in so that the art is not only aesthetically appreciated but also viscerally felt, echoing the tangible male/female synergies. A response is called for in their obvious reference to popular culture whilst the non- dogmatic forms, shapes and figures we see challenge current conventions and uses. It tells of a more esoteric nature of things; unlike transcendence which detaches, esoteric denotes something which is implicit and innate within the form itself.

And here the magical expectation of what may lie behind a work of art is suggested. Concrete assertions of convention, of mass consumer culture, of perceptions, are dismissed instead for that which is open- ended, giving the viewer the freedom to choose the reality they wish to see and experience. The ancient and concealed are met with post-modernity and in its Duchamp-like way, takes the familiar, every day, out of context and turns it into something else.


There is a slant towards the illogical, a challenge to societal mindsets and of what we accept as reality. It is a trajectory which moves across different dimensions, through varying perceptions of the familiar in unfamiliar ways, through the general and particular.

Spiritual, philosophical and intimate matters that preside throughout our lives and govern our existence are communicated under the guise of humour, playfulness and vibrancy. Pink Magic pivots on the balance between raising questions and stirring curiosity through its intrigue, never settling for the completeness of definitive answers. It is an exploration of the universe, of consciousness, and of other dimensions that may exist. The universality of creation which is infinitesimal is held within the magical interaction of male and female polarities showing their inseparableness at the core of existence. Pink, denoting hope, optimism and tenderness, and magic, which can never be fully explained or pinned down, is a culmination of both the abstract and the concrete, epitomising the multiple layers inherent in creation, between the masculine and feminine, and enticing those same qualities to awaken in the observer. 

Georgie Wilkin Solo Exhibition

July 17, 2019

Georgie Wilkin works with the complex uncertainties of life by creating expressive works that defy literal and rational understanding. Her paintings and sculptures can be seen at first glance to mean one thing, only to reveal deeper and more complex intention as time and memory come into play; as such the artist is concerned with impression, interpretation and the unflinching desire for meaning or purpose.


All of Wilkin’s works also draw on a fascination with the subconscious and preconscious associations which affect our everyday movements, often working with unusual materials and non-local colour to bypass rational interpretation. Her paintings are visual conclusions to a long standing fascination with internal and external workings of the mind in relation to its surroundings, the insistence on meaning and the power of uncertainty. Canvases act as recipients for a curiosity of both mind and body, resulting in perplexingly beautiful images that defy rationale. 


Rooted in psychoanalytic and philosophical theory, the artist resists many artistic traditions in favour of a more instinctive process and creates work that is both representational and abstract. As a result she is very interested in how the work informs an experience of being human, and in turn begins to make sense of it.


Born in London in 1990, the artist is currently studying BA Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts.

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