Christ With Shopping Bags


50 × 70 cm

Screen print on paper

Edition of 82




    This artwork is one of British Street Artist Banksy’s most famous, and controversial. The artwork shows a black and white stencilled Jesus, hanging as if from the cross, but from his hands drip shopping bags (from which leaks the only colour in the image – a fluorescent pink reminiscent of blood). This image shows the superficiality and hypocrisy of the modern celebration of Christmas, which is no longer a celebration of Christ and the whole ‘dying for our sins,’ but rather a celebration of consumer culture and Boxing Day bargains. If one reads deeper: the products, which appear to leak and drip like blood from the bags, are often made in conditions approaching, or certified as, slave labour. Moreover, the candy cane and Mickey Mouse icons of the Americanisation of Christmas that started with Coca Cola. The melting of the objects can also be seen to represent the fleeting pleasure they bring. This original, limited edition print was created in 2004, and the background is blocked grey. As a Banksy art, this piece is well-known and is regularly in demand; its relatively low edition size contributes to its desirability – there are just 82 Christ With Shopping Bags signed prints.


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