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Tickled pink! Pool table is designed to look like a giant donut – complete with a hole in the middle

  • British designer Cléon Daniel, 27, has created a donut-shaped pool table complete with 'frosting' and 'sprinkles'

  • The unusual design even has a hole in the middle which allows players to navigate their way to the perfect shot

  • However the wavy 'frosting' on the bumpers means it is trickier to predict which way the ball will ricochet

  • Mr Daniel said the table symbolises 'temptation in today's world, mass produced to feed the tempted public'

A British designer has created a pool table which looks like a giant donut complete with pink frosting, balls which resemble giant sprinkles and even a giant hole in the middle.

Cléon Daniel, 27, from Dorset, said the handmade design is meant to symbolise 'the temptation in today's world, mass produced in endless variety to feed a tempted public.'

He said the idea follows on from his previous Banana Pool Table, and came as a result of people suggesting other food-based designs.

But the donut-shaped table is not for the faint-hearted or novice pool player.

While the hole in the centre is large enough for players to squeeze in - offering them a unique angle for tricky shot - the table’s sides are designed to look like the wavy edge of donut frosting.

As a result the game is made a lot trickier, with players unable to predict where the ball will ricochet.

The donut pool table is currently on display at The Garden of Earthly Delights exhibition which is part of London’s Frieze Art Fair.

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