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South Kensington Gallery offers Airbnb-style exhibition space

Artists can book space for just over £100 a day | ROBERT DEX

Enterprising: Artist Olivia Hodder exhibits her work

Rising rents have led one enterprising gallery to set up an Airbnb-style space available for artists to put on shows for short periods.

Space at the South Kensington Gallery can be booked for just over £100 a day for a minimum of three days. Exhibitors are not charged commission for sales, making it more affordable for young artists. The gallery is part of The Exhibitionist Hotel, which works with curators from art firm Attollo.

Exhibitors can use the bar and lobby for private showings and benefit from a 24-hour concierge.

A spokeswoman for the gallery said it developed the “flexi-hire concept” in response to interest from artists looking to put on shows.

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