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Artist doodles all over walls of the Exhibitionist Hotel in Kensington

Self-taught artist Mr Doodle thinks too much art is lacking a sense of humour | ROBERT DEX

Mr Doodle at The Exhibitionist Hotel

Self-taught artist Mr Doodle had no reservations when he was asked to transform an entire hotel corridor in his trademark style.

The giant doodle, a mixture of patterns and characters inspired by everything from old cartoons to computer games, is at the Exhibitionist Hotel in Kensington. Mr Doodle, real name Sam Cox, describes his work as being like a “growing drawing virus”.

He said that his style was to exaggerate familiar characters, adding: “I feel a lot of art is lacking a sense of humour and that people are quite serious about it but it’s a fun thing to be able to draw and create your own world.”

His exhibition is one of four at the hotel which has given over corridors to artists for regular transformation.

Doodlemania is at The Exhibitionist Hotel, 8-10 Queensberry Place SW7, from June 28 to July 28.

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