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Preview Party of Doodlemania

At the launch of Doodlemania, surrounded by fans, Mr Doodle was painting live for one night only at The Exhibitionist Hotel on 27 June 2017.

Britain's flashiest Playboy and recent star of Channel 4's 'How'd You Get So Rich?' Danny Lambo attended the event with his film crew on the night to film for his latest TV series. We managed to catch Mr Doodle in action creating a personalised Lamborghini doodle on the walls of the hotel. The pictures of happy guests and of Danny with Mr. Doodle can now be viewed on our Facebook Page. Please visit to see if you are there: The Exhibitionist Hotel Facebook Page.

The 'Doodlemania' exhibition now open to the public until 31 July 2017. Our guests and visitors are welcome to purchase any of the works on display or visit our on-line shop.

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