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This Week with Britain's Flashiest Playboy - Danny Lambo

On Tuesday the rain was never ending but that didn’t stop this party animal venturing out and about. My destination was the very funky Exhibitionist Hotel in London to meet one of the biggest current names in the graffiti art world. We all like to doodle when we have a pen and paper in hand, but ‘Mr Doodle’ takes doodling to another level. On first impression, he resembles a cartoon character from one of your favourite cartoon shows you loved to watch as a kid and indeed he very often doodles himself on walls , tables , glasses, you name it he’s doodled on it! This is a man with a passion for doodling and it’s bought him fame and success in the art world. With an impressive 140k followers on his Instagram page Mr Doodle is now one of the biggest names in the graffiti art world. He’s also very humble and when I challenged him to doodle me in my Lamborghini on the wall of the Exhibitionist Hotel he was more than happy to oblige!

Lamborghini Doodle

I purchased my first Lamborghini at the age of 21. Back then to me my greatest pleasure was cruising around in it and showing this beast off. Seventeen years on and the greatest pleasure I now receive from my Lambo is using it to make those less fortunate than myself smile.

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